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Subject: Our HypnoBirth

I wanted my daughter’s birth to be a calm and peaceful reception. I wanted to bring her into this world not being afraid of how I would birth her. I wanted to feel entitled, in control and with a sense of power, allowing myself and her to honor the event that was going to take place. 
I teamed up with Yoly and she introduced me to HypnoBirthing and from then on, it was a fun 9 months. The minute I felt the beginning of the birth process, I called Yoly and within minutes we were walking the beach, getting active preparing for what was to come. My daughter took her time to arrive. She was sunny side up for 24 hours. During that time, I was calm and collected and I had my resources (my doula and my husband) to provide me the guidance I needed to remain in a meditative state throughout those hours of waiting for my daughter to begin her birth. My doula did everything possible to keep me comfortable and motivated. Without her, my daughter’s birth would not have been as beautiful as I always dreamed it would be. Although my husband and I decided to have a hospital birth, our doula maintained the floor in our birthing room and never once would you have thought we were in a ‘hospital’ setting. She held my hand, stroked my hair, guided me all throughout my daughter’s birth and one of the best experiences of my entire life up to date. It was her strength that gave me the courage to birth calmly and peacefully.
Twelve months later, we welcomed our handsome son into this world and of course, who was right by my side? My doula… again. We could not have done either without her. 
Thank you Yoly for being such an important part of such beautiful and magical experiences.
The Tarallos (Sebastian, Telsys, Elyse and Angelo)

I am writing this letter of recommendation for all and any expectant mothers looking for the greatest doula a mommy could ever ask for. 

My birth was by no means a typical birth because it lasted 29 hours and Yoly was by my side from beginning to end. It was such a comfort to have her there with me and aside from being a warm loving person and a wonderful human being, she is a professional that has an extremely gentle and soothing disposition and just by her being there I truly felt as though I was in good hands. 


When I was about to quit she gave me the strength to go on. When I lost focus she reminded me of what kind of birth I wanted to have and did not allow me to settle for less. When it comes to the Doctor doulas are not aloud to speak for the patient, however she continued to communicate with me throughout the entire process helping me to make informed decisions. Yoly's knowledge and experience put me at ease and encouraged me to listen to my body's needs.


During the entire labor and especially at the end Yoly made me feel like I did a great job. She praised me and made me feel as if I did it all by myself when in reality if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have had the wonderful memories of my birth that will remain with me forever. Words cannot express how I feel about Yoly except that I think of her like a sister. She was a tremendous asset to me and I very highly recommend her to any mother that is looking for the very best that a doula has to offer. 


If you should have any questions concerning Yoly or would like to know more about my birth experience please call me @ 786-306-5100


I wish you the best of luck! God bless and I hope you have a very healthy and happy baby.


Yours very truly,

Claudia Giraldo


Subject: Testimonial
Date: 5 Jul 2012 16:00:54 -0400

When I had my first child, my world was completely upside down. Like any new mom, I had fears about everything including childbirth. I had a great support system in place, but I was too scared and didn't understand that my body needed to work with me in delivering my baby. My best friend had three children, the first two in hospitals with no attending people besides nurses and a doctor, but with her third she opted to have a doula present. She talked about what an amazing experience it was for her, but after my first, I couldn't imagine it being as great of an experience as she described. However, when she did describe it, she said it was power she felt. Power to breathe, power to feel, power to endure contractions, power to relax her body during them, power to focus all energy on a safe delivery. Having a doula gave her the strength and encouragement she needed to deliver naturally. She was supported by a doula so that her husband could focus on taking care of her.
So when I decided to have my second child, I not only entertained the idea, but I ended up deciding it was the right thing for me too.

Thanks to a family member I was introduced to Yoly Leal Castellanos. She took her time explaining what I would expect out of my birthing experience and what to expect of her. She taught me about hypnobirthing and the benefits during labor. Every bit of information she gave was so incredibly valuable. I can't express what an amazing experience I had thanks to her. I was far more relaxed and in tune with my body. She supported me and encouraged me to do, what I thought would be as difficult to do as the first time around. My pain was there, as it is during labor, but it was manageable. Yoly talked me through my breathing, and reminded me that I was strong enough to deliver the baby without any interventions. I don't regret the choices I made with my first child. I will say, however, that the experiences were vastly different between the two. With Yoly's help, I didn't just hold my baby and love her to pieces, but I was really proud of myself for having the courage and strength to bring her in the world. It was such an empowering day. I'm not sure if Yoly knows how grateful we will always be for what she provided us during our birth. If I could pin point the drastic difference between both birthing experiences, I would say, I appreciate not having felt drugged up or loopy this time around. Having natural childbirth gives you the ability to birth in a very aware manner. I also appreciated my baby not being born with anesthetics in her system either. Our baby girl, Makayla, is a very happy, healthy, and beautiful baby. Every time I look at her I will remember that day. I am so happy I chose natural birthing and Yoly. I will remember her and our incredible journey throughout my pregnancy and delivery.

I will encourage women to have natural deliveries, take HypnoBirthing Classes and definitely having a doula at their side.
I definitely highly recommend Yoly Leal Castellanos for a doula. 
The experience would not have been the same without her and I am forever grateful.
The Morrisons
My HyonoBirthing Experience With Yoly

Let me begin by saying that I am a "special"case, for a few reasons. First, I have not been able to tolerate a medical procedure (giving blood, getting shots, even OB/GYN exams) without passing out due to the stress these procedures cause for me. Second, I am a resident of Miami but I moved to Ohio for most of my pregnancy due to a Zika Virus scare (I received a false positive test and it took some time to have the confirmation test done by the CDC. I got pregnant just as the Zika outbreak was heating up in Miami in July/August of 2016). I moved to Ohio to live with my parents for the safety of my baby.  

From my parents living room in Ohio, I started making calls to doulas recommended by my practice. I found out about Yoly from one of the doulas who recently moved out of Miami. Yoly came highly recommended so I called her and she returned my call promptly. I explained my situation to her:
I was living in Ohio until my Dr. cleared me to return to Miami (where I wanted to deliver)
I was willing to do whatever I could do from a distance if she was willing to as well 
We could fit in person classes in when I returned to Miami before my due date

Yoly and I worked out the details, she assured me that much of my learning and preparation could be done via phone/webex, and I agreed to do my homework (book and audio every night).

Upon my return to Miami, everything worked out just as Yoly assured us it would; she came to our house weekly for our in person classes- my husband always had tons of interesting questions which she answered easily! It was clear that we were working with a seasoned professional who not only knew all about healthy, stress free natural births and babies, but also about our hospital where we would deliver, which made us feel a lot more comfortable. With my fears, I felt a lot better when Yoly explained what would happen with my body and with the baby, and the importance of me being calm and confident about my birth. 

On April 10, I went into labor and was able to experience my early labor from home with Yoly's guidance. My husband must have called her 10 times between April 10th and 11th (the 11th was the day I delivered) to ask questions about what I was experiencing/ advised us on if we should go to triage, etc. This support alone was INDISPENSABLE. Most Doctors aren't going to or aren't able to take your calls or questions. They will just tell you to come in, make you sit in the waiting room, etc. all the while you are in discomfort and under stress; and want to make sure you are making the best decisions for yourself and your baby. Yoly was truly there for us during these early stages of labor. And she was there when for us right when we needed her help. 

When I finally was admitted to the hospital, Yoly was right there to meet us and it was such a relief to see her familiar face at triage. You could tell that everyone there knew her or recognized her which also made me feel at ease. It felt less like a cold hospital and more like a place where I would really be taken care of because Yoly was present. 

During my labor at the hospital, Yoly did not leave my side. My husband is a wonderful man, he was there and helped, but having Yoly there was such a blessing and comfort. She knew how to help make me comfortable, how to adjust the bed, suggested positions, held my leg, talked to me, comforted me. During this time, I had IV needles stuck into me multiple times (I was fine) and was hooked up to machines and monitors (something that would usually freak me out and bring me to tears). Because of my Hypnobirthing learnings and Yolys support, I was able to remain calm and focused. I refused the epidural, and powered through my active labor with Yoly and my husband and my Dr. by my side (by the way, my Dr. appreciated having Yoly there and I am pretty sure she was shocked at how well I handled my labor after seeing me turn paper white at my general office visits). 

At the end of this experience, we were blessed with a healthy, alert baby. Yoly helped me start breastfeeding and stayed with us as we moved to another room to make sure we were settled and comfortable. 

I cannot, and do not want to imagine what my birth would have been like without Yoly there. From her expertise in guiding us to prepare for everything, to her being there and creating a safe, calm environment (with lavender diffusing in the room and LED candles). My husband and I are forever grateful for her guiding us through this positive experience, and helping us bring our baby into the world in a thoughtful, loving manner. 

Mia Shaughnessy.

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